Mr. Anglada you are forgetting the matter of consent.
Jezebel Blue

What part of my response gave off the impression that I was OK with force of any kind, that represents forcing the Twinkies down someone’s throat?

The proof I have is most stories for “back in the days” when grandma wouldn't even look at grandpa. Almost every love story movie or show on TV. Its kind of the theme in everything ever done on TV. Its also visible in nature.

And in some cases, we have grown, as you stated. In matters like this — where something so basic as persistence- can be criminalized, I’d say growth is probably the opposite of an accurate description.

Again my point — if someone is being persistent about ANYTHING in life, — and they arent physically touching you, they dont force you to do anything, you are not being held against your will and you can leave or tell the persistent to go at any time, you are not being blackmailed, it is the person being solicited to make the decision as to, or not to, engage.

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