Developing an App From Idea To Release: Project Introduction.

David Serrano
May 14 · 3 min read
Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Hello the people of Medium, my name is David Serrano. I just finished going through the complete process of designing, developing, and releasing an application. It was a long but ultimately rewarding process. Well not rewarding financially because the application was a complete flop. The application in question is Water Ledger. It is an application that tracks your water consumption and reminds you to drink more water in order to reach your goals. In terms of complexities of building the application, I thought I had specced out something really simple to build. In reality, it contained a lot of features that a simple application should not have. Like OAuth, cloud storage, real-time updating across devices, local notifications, and local storage. Yup extremely feature packed for a first application.

Anyways this article is not meant to be a postmortem of my first application. It is meant to be me announcing that I will be doing the whole process all over again and I will bring you guys and girls along with me. While building my next app I will teach everything that I do or learn in the process to you all who dare to follow along. I believe this should be a 2-month long process. The application that we will be building is a dating game… kinda. It is more like an icebreaker. What the app will consist of is a game where you and a partner will take turns asking each other increasingly awkward questions until one person fails to answer within 15 seconds. That person will be the loser. The use case of this app will be as an icebreaker for someone who is approaching someone they do not know, like approaching someone in a bar. The game should also be used with a friendly wager. Like the loser having to buy the next drink. Obviously, if the game goes well by the end of it the ice will be broken and presumingly there will be a lot to talk about.

The application should end up being extremely simple to design, develop, and ultimately release. Here is a list of the features/requirements as I currently see it:

  • Cloud for storing the questions and their associated rank.
  • A method where an anonymous user can submit new questions for review.
  • An algorithm that dynamically changes the rank or perceived awkwardness of a question. Will be dependent on the number of people who loses the game at that question.
  • There will be a monetization strategy for the application. Currently, I am planning to do a buy me a beer page as well as an Amazon wishlist. This is still yet to be decided.
  • There will be a rate request feature in the application.
  • The application should serve questions in random order while keeping rank in perspective.
  • The total number of questions should be large to make sure the initiator of the game does not have a potential advantage.
  • The UI should be designed with a phone being passed back and forth in mind.
  • The game should have the option of specifying the gender of the initiator and the person that they are approaching. This should hopefully allow the app to be usable by members of the LGBT+ community.
  • Questions should take advantage of gender to make questions more awkward and should take advantage of the fact that the app will be 18 and over only.
  • The questions should be timed at 15 seconds once the asker of the question presses start.

These individual requirements will eventually be split into smaller requirements and put on our Trello board. This list is not final. It will change as the application is being developed and the target audience is understood better. We will go over all of this in our next installment which will be about setup and the tools we will be using.

This is all I have for this article thank you for reading and please leave feedback, this is my first article after all.