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I am not a Republican [Libertarian actually], and the only reason to miss Obama is because of who will be next. He is a president who is best forgotten.

Foreign affairs? Obama the “peace” candidate will be the first 8-year president who was at war every day of his time in office. He ought to return his Nobel, which was arguably the worst choice ever made. Most of his problems were inherited? This was an excuse he might have tried in 2010. He has had 7+ years to solve those problems, and they are worse than ever. At this point, that excuse means he has been an ineffectual nullity.

The economy? This has been the longest and slowest recovery from a recession in history, and Obama’s policies deserve the blame for that. When one says the economy is “now starting to grow” after all this time, one implies “finally”, not anything to praise.

presiding over the lowest crime-rate in US history, and presiding over a culture of life that has seen the abortion rate drop by 13%?? Obama is to be praised for what he had zero control over? Indeed, his efforts would have made things worse if he could have been effective.

Notably lacking from this list is Obama’s major “achievement”, Obamacare. And there is good reason for that absence. The thing may not have collapsed in flames just yet, but the need for massive changes is obvious to all.

No, Obama will not be missed, except for not being the disaster that is coming.