Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Oh my, so much nonsense to correct. One hardly knows where to begin. There isn’t time to point out all the errors…

Well, I guess we can start with the “Delaware” [who did not call themselves that] living long lives. Nope. Typical for that lifestyle, with huge numbers of the very young dying, and a man of above 60 being a greatly respected ancient.

Then there is that long list of sins of capitalism, most of them present in any society [sex slavery? obviously all over the planet, and, by the way, wildly exaggerated in amount. Most of these tales are centuries old, and started back when the female servants found out they could quit their hard-work, low-pay jobs and get double the income by just laying down. The upper class of the day did not like having to pay the maid a decent wage, and so started pushing scare tales.]

Private expropriation of public wealth? How much do you think the raw materials in your car/house/computer are actually worth? This may be valuable stuff, but the raw material/the public wealth goes to the junk yard when you are done with it. The actual value is the labor [lots of] people have put into it. Effective, there is no public wealth involved.

No. This article is just worthless trash.

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