Easy, Big Impact Healthcare Fixes

Fixing the Obamacare shit show is hard. There are complexities for sure. There are even more important human compassion issues. The fix(es), must correct the unfolding economic disaster of Obamacare, but it must also not damage the good that Obamacare has done.

So then it seems that Washington always approaches complex things with equally complex, often insane, giant plans in bills that ‘have to be passed so we you see what’s in it’ (oh, you remember this gem from the absolute idiot Nancy Pelosi).

While solutions are debated in Washington, let’s try something simple. We can solve many of the Obamacare problems with some small/simple solutions that would have a dramatic impact.

  1. Keep Simple Guardrails: You must cover pre-existing conditions (a good Obamacare point). You must cover children on parents’ plans until age 25. And so on. There’s more to “guard” against here in terms of bad bahavior but I’ve made my point. Guardrails against bad behavior does not mean 1000s of pages of legislation — take note Congress. Smart folks need to evaluate what parts of the current regulation makes sense to keep to prevent bad behaviors in the market.
  2. Dissolve Market Boundaries: Allow insurance companies and other healhcare providers to compete for all Amricans in all states. Economies of scale and competition will drive costs down and give Americans more choices over time. Competition will also kill the shitty companies that suck at service, screw their customers over on claims, and are general assholes to deal with. Let’s make competition work for all of America. Hey, insurance companies, your regulatory burden just went down and your market just expand, bigly.
  3. Create the “Healthcare IRA”: Fix Health Savings Accounts. The current HSA process is so fucked up it defies logic. Today, you same X amount of money this year, and don’t use it all this year because, lucky you you heathy person, you didn’t need it. Guess what? The money you saved gets swept over to the Treasury. Gone. Fuck you citizen. Thanks for playing. In the new fixed healthcare system, could we please stop being so stupid dear Congress (and you too Pelosi. I’ll go slow and use little words for you.) Let’s ROLLOVER health savings account money from year to year to allow people to save for future healthcare needs. No Treasury sweeps. That shit stops now. Let people keep and build up their HSA money. This is the new “Healthcare IRA” — you save it, you own it, it’s your money, you keep it. Also Congress, raise the limits for tax deferred savings — have you seen the cost for healthcare these days?.
  4. Real Clear Bills. So now we’ve given Americans a great way to save money for healthcare needs. Let’s make the shopping for care easuer by fixing some of the jackassery that insurance companies do to their “customers.” Another easy fix. Force insurance companies to produce cost estimates and bills that don’t take a dam nuclear engineer (token smarty person) to understand. No more hiding behind mumbo jumbo and legalease bullshit. Memo insurance companies: You sell a product to humans. Learn from Apple and simplify your shit. Stop screwing people on technicalities hidden in pages of 8 point legal assholery.

Let’s start with these.

These can get done in weeks not months or more. Hell, #2 and #3 could be done in like 10–20 pages.

Write a small, clean bill and pass it.