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As an alumnus of the Humanitas program at the St. Lawrence Center (and the head of brown hair in Patrick’s profile picture), I will submit a short-ish testimonial here:

Humanitas developed in me the virtue of self-reflection. Plato said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”, and I can tell that I would have made many more mistakes in my college career without the lessons that Great Books and Dr. Callahan imparted on me. My generation has built a billion-dollar infrastructure around itself to keep us cheaply entertained and divert our attention away from life’s difficult questions. Humanitas provided me with an opportunity to take responsibility for my Catholic education, find a meaningful purpose for my life, and discover Wonder in a world that seeks to cheapen it.

I am deeply appreciative for the classes I took at the St. Lawrence Center, and I fully support the creation of more institutes of Catholic thought in every university.