Trump’s rejection of The Paris Climate Change Agreement will cause schisms on the international stage.

Source — Donald Trump’s Twitter

Myron Ebell, a former climate change adviser to President Trump has issued a statement warning that the United States may formally withdraw from the Paris Clime Change Agreement. Mr Ebell who had previously chaired Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency transition team has stated that Trump’s administration is determined to overturn policies pushed by Obama to restrict greenhouse gas emissions. 
 On the presidential campaign trail Donald Trump made no bones about his stance on man-made climate change, stating in an interview with The Miami Herald; “I am not a believer in man-made climate change, in the 1920’s they used to talk about Global Cooling, I think the weather goes up and down, nobody knows for sure.”

Source — Skeptical Science

97% of scientists are are agreement that global warming is real and man’s carbon emissions is causing an acceleration in the greenhouse gas effect. 

 It does hold true that about a century ago, those atop esteemed Ivory Towers of scientific inquiry believed that the earth was entering a new ice age. So much so that Captain Donald Baxter Macmillan voyaged to the arctic, financially sponsored by National Geographic to look for evidence of advancing glaciers. No such evidence was found, and the age of global cooling being held with any scientific credence has been dubbed, ‘The Ice Age fallacy’.

The ice caps have been rapidly receding ever since the industrial revolution. Source- NOAA

Trump has cited regulatory red tape as an economic strain on the US; “We have so many environmental regulations and so many countries that don’t have them, it puts us at a tremendous economic disadvantage.” 
 In an attempt to win voters in key battleground states Mr Trump often cited the importance of rebooting the coal and mining industries. A cry that resonated with the electorate, from West Virginia to Wyoming, states that once had a booming coal industry overwhelmingly voted Trump.
 With Trump’s ideological stances on climate change established we must ask what is at stake, with the US being a major player in the What is the Paris Climate Agreement and why should be hold reverence in today's world? The deal signed in 2015 cements the international effort of ongoing transition towards climate friendly economies. The agreement that was signed by 195 nations addresses the international ambition to keeping global temperature rises below 2C and ideally 1.5C.

(Photo: Liewig Christian/Sipa USA/Newscom)

Trump does not have the power to eject the US from the PCCA, not immediately anyway, there are formal processes for exiting the agreement and those steps will take three years at least to ratify. However, he does have the power to ignore the treaty, which is equally as terrifying.

With America being such a major player on the industrial and international stage, with a history of being rather icy when it came to accepting it’s role when it came to climate change.

One has to think that this will divide the international community, it was with great reluctance and persuasion that China signed the agreement. It would be safe to assume that Trump’s Laissez faire approach will gather little purchase from the international community, especially from countries that have made significant economic adjustments to their infrastructure such as China.