What are you Thankful for?

My flight this morning was cancelled. I would not make my meeting today. I have been feeling down about one part of life and this added to my bummed-out-ness. So, I went for a run.

From about 40 yards out I saw that the man jogging toward me was missing his left arm. He smiled as we passed and we exchanged “Good Morning’s.” I wondered how long he has been without his left arm. How did he lose it? It seemed his challenged ability had little negative effect to his enjoyment of a run, or his outward demeanor. Immediately and overwhelmingly I felt fortunate for my abilities and for crossing his path.

Father Phil at Holy Family Parish concludes each Mass with, “What are you thankful for? Close your eyes. Imagine yourself walking with God. Say to God, “God, I want to thank you for…”

As I kept running, my thoughts were about thanking God. In particular I was thankful for my wife’s devotion to our son’s competitive swimming. Just last night she was more nervous than he as he sought to take down a 19 year old team record time. The past 13 years Chris has dedicated countless hours of taking him to and from practice, signing him up for events, communicating with coaches, and being very nervous before the important starts. Jordan starts his high school swimming career next week. Milestones like this cause a look back of how they were achieved. In doing this, gratefulness gushes out.

Perhaps, I was “running” with God this morning. No need to close my eyes. No imagination needed. God, I want to thank you for Chris.

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