Dijital Fix is Closing

About 4 months ago, after much consideration, I set the wheels in motion to close down Dijital Fix. July will be our final month. I’ve learned a lot from it over the years and it has been my baby since I was essentially a baby myself at age 21. The retail landscape has obviously changed drastically since I started this business in 2006 (we didn’t have iPhones then, Facebook was just opening up to non-college users, and George W. was still President) and is certainly a factor in this decision, but not the only one…

10 years is a long time for anything, and making it this far is a miracle, having started the business on a true shoestring budget that I can’t even comprehend today, growing it to multiple stores on multiple coasts, and surviving through the 2008 recession when we were just getting started. It’s a testament to not only to my own determination and stubbornness, but also the fact that we built something special. I say “we” because Dijital Fix was not just my own, but the collective energy of everyone who has worked here, showcased their products here over the years, and many who didn’t even work here but donated their time and effort (you know who you are!), as well as the many thousands of customers that supported us througout the years on both coasts and online. I definitely can’t claim 100% ownership of what it is now, so a huge thanks to everyone who helped make it what it is today.

I’m saddened by the thought of it not existing anymore, but I have other axes to grind in this life, and a high-touch business like retail doesn’t allow for much extra time or attention to other things, and with costs rising and retail revenues decreasing, it’s time to say goodbye, but mostly, I’m just looking forward to new challenges and experiences in what comes next.

It has been a rough summer saying goodbye to Nino (my Dog) who has been with me since the beginning of this business (I got him the same month I started it) but in a way, it’s all very poetic. The end of an era. New epoch on the horizon. Cue the credits.

If you’re looking for deals on what’s left, our closeout starts tomorrow and ramps up through the end of the month. We also have a bunch of furniture and equipment for sale.

Future posts will document some extended thoughts I have on the value of retail and my experience over the past 10 years, as well as the road to chapter “new”.