Every New Beginning

“Every new beginning starts with some other beginning’s end”
- Semisonic

After four and half years building and leading the Pac-12 Networks’ digital business, I am moving on at the end of June to pursue my next adventure. It has been an amazing ride.

When I met Larry Scott almost 5 years ago, he set forth a vision for a new kind of sports league and a unique media company transforming the Pac-12 Conference and creating Pac-12 Networks. With his vision and the leadership of Gary Stevenson and, for the past 3 years, Lydia Murphy-Stephans, our team created, built and managed the Pac-12 Networks with amazing success. I learned so much from everyone across the Pac-12 extended family. The team we built at Pac-12 Networks and with “Team Didge” is second to none. I am proud of the passion, excitement and dedication that everyone contributes each and every day. We accomplished so much:

On Aug 15th 2012, we launched 7 TV Networks and a Digital Network that we built from the ground up…in under 12 months. We were the first new network to launch TV Everywhere simultaneously with linear TV. We were one of only 4 companies in the world to have 24/7 live linear TV Everywhere service at the time. We centralized and launched a network of web and mobile experiences for fans across the Pac-12 schools. We pioneered many social media best practices across the industry. We embarked on reinventing Fan Engagement and exploring collegiate eSports.

Each year we were recognized by our peers for a different accomplishment. Needless to say it has been an intense 4+ years of teamwork, passion and dedication across the Pac-12.

I am most proud of the team that made all this happen. I’m confident that the Pac-12 will continue to push the boundaries of the college, sports and media landscape.

And now when I look to the seeds of VR/AR, AI, Bitcoin, OTT, Big Data, IoT, and more, I see unbelievable opportunities. I look forward to investing, advising,….and to executing to help build companies pushing the forefront of the intersection of media, commerce and technology. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this adventure.