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Create accounts in popular social networks, or someone will do it in your stead!

Have you ever seen your identity stolen: someone taking your profile picture, name and bio, creating pages in social network and pretending it’s you? …

Recent article in the Fast Company magazine confirms a trend that was noted by the industry experts back in 2012: top professionals increasingly choose freedom over stability, and switch to independent contracting. Future success of companies is seen to rely on highly valued freelancers working on a project basis.


“Operating breakeven” means that your startup has reached the point where it is generating enough revenue from sales to cover all the variable and fixed costs, including partners’ salaries.

Is it a big milestone? Sure it is, especially for an early-stage startup, because very few ever reach this point. Most…

There were a few hackathons running simultaneously during the past weekend (6–7 Dec, 2014). We were not directly involved in any of them, however Uploadcare was an unofficial API provider for #PhotohackNYC, and I personally was a big fan of Global @koding #hackathon.

So, I have moments to share :)

Photo Hack Day in New York

Free Visit To UK’s Biggest Business Event — “Wow, that sounds cool!” I thought. “A great opportunity to promote Uploadcare for free!”. Obviously, it wasn’t only me who had this idea :)

Business model behind the Trade shows

At first glance you may think that trade shows and exhibitions are the examples of typical two-sided market:

I use to travel with Turkish Airlines almost every month. During the long connection flights from Tbilisi to London, I either prepare for my next EMBA course, or just relax to mitigate the impact of the jet lag. …

Glad to see you reading these lines :)

I’m David Avsajanishvili, and this is a welcome post in my first personal blog!

A few words about myself: building software is what I’ve been professionally doing for 10+ years of my life, and during the past 4 years it was all around the web startups. I enjoy listening for the other people’s ideas, and sharing my own thoughts.

Now I live in Tbilisi, Georgia, work on business development at Uploadcare, and doing my EMBA at Hult business school in London.

That’s it, in brief.

David Avs | David is a software developer and tech entrepreneur, working for startups since 2010. Member of @ToptalLLC. EMBA from @HultLondon.

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