Thanks David.
Doug Morton

I hope you’re wrong — I’m not sure we are in the ‘foothills of the death of democracy’. It’s certainly possible that we will slide into a German 30s horror-show that’s even worse as America is by far the world’s most militarily powerful country. However, I feel that is unlikely. Trump and his team seem too stupid and disorganised, and his popularity, according to recent polls, is in massive decline in the U.S.

I’m hoping that he might be the shock to the system that makes the pendulum swing the other way in coming congressional elections and the next presidential. And that the incoming new left-of-centre majority will see the weaknesses in the political set-up that have been revealed by Trump and pass laws that legislate more strictly rather than the mere customs that Trump has found it so easy to ignore or subvert. I’m hoping he will thereby prove to be a blessing in the long term.

My great fear though is that, as his first term approaches its end and his poll numbers look disastrous, he resorts to an external war, possibly even a nuclear exchange with the likes of N.Korea, to help him with the next election.

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