This is the 15th day of your engagement….

Emma and Andrew- this is our continuing gift to you on your journey to matrimony. These are the secrets of an everlasting marriage and the opportunity to share in a long relationship that is a model to all.

Your Grandma and Grandpa were in town recently and contributed to these secrets. As you may know- your dad was a honeymoon baby — exactly 9 months and a week from their June 15, 1958 wedding. They were 2 high school sweethearts from Schenectady NY and maintained their relationship through Grandpas education at Colgate and Brown.

Their #1 secret is the foundation of mutual respect in a relationship. It has a base of courtesy, a way of treating each other as a way of being treated…the golden rule. If you think about it- this the same dimension of our first gift of marrying your best friend. It is the small things- listening, helping, anticipating, holding each other, never asking the other to do something that would injure the relationship. Respect is about values. It is integrity. It is acknowledging trust in the relationship.

Respect is demonstrated. It is in the language we use. It is the actions we show. It is the tender loving care to ensure that we hold our partner in esteem. Emily and Andrew- hold each other in high esteem- and never take this for granted. It is something we have to work at as human beings.

We love you both- and it is already January — a mere 11 months from your wedding date. Stay focused on your love and let it guide your respect for each other.

Mom and Dad

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