This is the third day of your engagement….

Emma/Andrew- I am starting to get used to this platform to share our secrets of an everlasting marriage. I hope you found the first message as a gift from us, and I want to continue to keep writing as a way of sharing our love.

Have I told you this is a gift to you mother as well? You see one of the values we have tried to instill in you and Christian is by “leading by example”…”being a role model” …”walking the talk”….arg it sounds so business like but young kids are very impressionable. So as I write- I also have to practice these secrets. This is my opportunity to grow closer to your mother — Cindy I love you.

Secret #2- Ground your love through faith. There is trust between you and Andrew. There is a greater level of trust you together put in your creator and religion. Again this is a simple secret- but with all of the busy-ness of life- we forget the meaning of marriage and the bond that is created with God’s love. There is a way to practice your faith together through prayer. Emma- you exposed Mom and I to Northpoint Community Church- and Mom and I found new meaning in our faith and it helped us center our family with Andy’s messages. I wish the same opportunity for you and Andrew. Love and pray and ask for His blessings daily. Give thanks for your relationship and trust in Him.

We love you Emma and Andrew and God Bless you both.

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