Use that f***ing retweet button

David Bauer
Aug 3, 2013 · 1 min read

It gets worse every time a major news story breaks. My Twitter timeline becomes virtually useless, because every bloody person has to share that same news with their very own tweet that says exactly the same as everyone else’s. BREAKING this, BREAKING that, brigade breaking is breaking Twitter.

Look, here’s the thing: Every person who is even remotely interested in the news follows a number of news sources. They get their news. There’s absolutely no point in you posting yet another tweet. If you feel you still want to pass on the news, just hit that f***ing retweet button. Those who’ve seen the original tweet won’t be bothered with your retweet. The others get the news. Everyone happy.

If you comment on the news or add a new perspective, fine, go ahead, post that tweet. If it’s only to get your unfair share of retweets and favs out of the news someone else broke, just don’t. You’re trading your followers’ attention for a tiny bit of internet fame.

Don’t add to the noise, amplify the signal. The interwebs thank you.

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