Guns or Cancer, Which is Better?
Jeffrey Poehlmann

Well, from someone who has survived cancer and its return twice, I’d rather go against the odd of being killed by a gun. The odds are far in my favor.

The stats when I had cancer, and when I created a flash non-profit for the American Cancer Society were that 1 in 3 men would get some form of cancer in their lifetime.

Getting grazed by a bullet is infinitesimal.

That said, I proposed an outline for some new gun ‘control’ legislation with Senator David Purdue of Georgia, and it has gone nowhere thus far.

…but first of all, it doesn’t, in any way, deal with ‘crazy.’

Let’s define ‘crazy’ as people who shoot others or intend to harm others violently, in both passionate and pre-meditated ways. The Limbic system is running the show.

Crazy people shootings are a different category that are unrelated to gun control/rights/legislation and amendments. Crazy already has Law dissuading crazy actions. It makes an unknown difference in society.

Collapsing ‘legislation’ for gun control and ‘crazy’ into one argument has kept us in a stalemate between the NRA and its supporters and anti-gun-supporters-at-all-costs groups for decades.

These two groups must be brought together to solve the gun ‘control’ issue. I see no other way.

I put control in quotes because it is a misnomer at best. Policy would be better.

More if anyone shows interest.