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When we started Rivver in 2018, the total market value for the transfer of stakes in private investment funds from one investor to another, or secondary transactions as we call them, was $57B. By the start of 2020, the whole industry was expecting a historical year in secondaries, with a total of $100B in transaction value. …

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12 May 2020

PrimaryMarkets Limited (PrimaryMarkets) is delighted to announce that it has selected Rivver Inc. (USA) (Rivver) as one of its long-term technology providers to scale the global businesses of PrimaryMarkets and its wholly owned subsidiary PrimaryLedger Pty Limited (PrimaryLedger).

The aim is to provide PrimaryMarkets’ clients including companies, Funds and Private Equity with an enhanced way to keep track of their investor records using distributed ledger technology, manage new fundraisings, manage secondary trading and to distribute their offerings globally through an online, secure and independent platform.

Rivver was founded on the premise that Alternative Investment Issuers want to record and trace the interests of their underlying investors, raise new capital from sophisticated investors (Accredited, Wholesale, Professional, Institutional and Private Equity Investors) and provide an online early liquidity solution but as the current investor management tools and methods are so manual, many Issuers are struggling to do so at scale. …

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Left to Right: Alex Cazorla, David Benizri, David Ring, Gabriel Deutsch and Lambert Despaux

Rivver, the leading fund administration and digitization platform for Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, has secured an investment from Scheme Investments. Scheme Investments have also chosen Rivver as their issuance platform for the digitization and administration of their next fund, planned to launch in 2020.

In the coming months, Rivver will continue with its efforts to make the Private Equity world more liquid, by offering its fund administration and digitization solutions to cutting edge fund managers worldwide.

“We could not be more thrilled to have Scheme Investments leading our round. Scheme Investments and Rivver share a vision for a more efficient and transparent Private Markets and by digitizing their next fund Scheme Investments are pioneering this change. With their Private Equity experience and extensive technical understanding of Blockchain technologies, Lambert and Alex bring a lot more than just capital to the table, so we look forward to a long term partnership.” …


Co-Founder and CEO @ Rivver. Private Equity Startupist. Hyperledger and permissioned Blockchain enthusiast. Serial Tech Entrepreneur.

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