Building AI-first products

David Bessis
Apr 2, 2018 · 14 min read
pre-Engine vs Engine-inside vs Engine-first

It’s hard to build simple products

1. Identify what users will STOP doing

Rule-based targeting: the sails, masts & lines of pre-AI marketing
AI-first targeting: just declare your marketing agenda & the AI does the rest. As marketers no longer have to micro-manage segments, the Tinyclues interface can offer a simplified, bird’s eye calendar view.

2. Be very clear about what users will KEEP doing

3. Have a plan for systemic stability

Systemic behavior of dozens of Tinyclues campaigns at a global luxury brand. This heatmap, from our “Predictive QA” internal framework, shows how the targeted audiences overlap. The many low-overlap regions (green and yellow) indicate a marketing program with good diversity & long-term sustainability.

Technology risk is back and it’s good news

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