Press Release

David Biddle

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania — Here at apple it is our mission is not only to created the very best product on the market, but also to create the most enjoyable product to use. We believe that we accomplished out mission with the Macbook Pro (2016).

The Macbook Pro (2016) Is the pinnacle of technology and is exactly what we believe our customers want and need from the latest line of our Pro series of portable machines. However we are aware that some of our valued customers view the changes made with the new Macbook Pro (2016) as less than positive. It is clear that these few customers are upset, are upset for understandable reasons. We decided to make a bold change in the new line by dropping the ports that were present in the previous Macbook Pro models and opted instead, for a sleek new look that includes four USB-C ports. Each of these ports can be used to charge your Macbook as well as any other need you may have with the help of our USB-C adapters. These adapters allow for the use of any previous peripheral and allow the Macbook to retain its new sleek design with none of the clutter.

To our customers saying that the USB-C adapters are a blatant cash grab, we understand why you would assume that, but we implore you to understand that as a business, Apple cannot simply lower its prices because our customers want us to. Our customers expect the very best quality of products from us and when we give the very best, it comes with a heftier price tag.

To our customers who are upset about the Macbook Pro’s (2016) screen, we insist that the screen is of amazing quality and while it might not be the greatest of portable devices, it is because larger and better screen drain battery life an exorbitant amount.

And to our customers who are unhappy with the new keyboard, we understand the hesitation that comes with accepting new things but we think that with time you will grow to love the keyboard as much as we do. While the keyboard is not raised as high as it was before, we found a way to lower the keys without making the typing distance smaller. THis means it will have the same feel as before but it takes up less space.

We hope that our loyal and amazing customers can focus lesson what they might not like about our product and focus more on what they do like, and at the same time try to accept the changes we thought were best for the line.

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