It was Wednesday evening and i had just got out of my final Bachelor of commerce class for the trimester. I was on my way home as i did not have any plans for that evening. Then on my way, i remembered that my girlfriend, Maureen, was at our weekly fellowship meeting. Last Wednesday i had promised to pick her up and completely ditched her, to put it short, that was the beginning of a very long argument that i ended up having to apologize for standing her up and embarrassing her. I hate having to apologize so i said today i wasn't going to repeat the same mistake. I decided that i might as well join her and attend the meeting.

This was the first time i was attending the weekly meeting this year. Since i started my classes it has been hard to attend as my classes end very late after the meeting is over. Also every time i ditch class i would prefer to do literally anything else than go to the meeting. Anyway, I was the last person coming in and so i tried as much as possible not to disrupt the meeting by making as little noise as possible. God knows i hate making an entrance. I found them on the last point of agenda, picking the person you would share a word with the rest of the week. I picked my class mate.

Then just as we were about to wind up there was a topic raised about the standard we as a group set for ourselves(or they did since i was not at that meeting) to know if in our private lives what we are engaging in was right or wrong for a christian. So it goes like this, if Jesus came back at that exact moment, would he stay with you or would he walk away. Take for instance you were at a club, and you were just catching up and having a soda with a friend. Would Jesus stay with you or would he walk away. The verdict was he would walk away because despite the fact that you are only drinking soda, you were in a club and everything that is going on around you would not please him.

Then somehow we got into the issue of whether Christians should listen to secular music. Most guys agreed that as Christians, we should be picky about what we choose to listen to. You can listen to love songs because sometimes we are driven by our emotions to them but not trashy music that objectifies women and is materialistic. The pastor emphasized that music is very strong as a medium of passing on spirits from one person to another. I have no idea whether or not this is true but i listened on. Then he went on to say that every song on its own seems to spark an emotion onto the person listening and they react to it. He gave an example from the scripture of the story of David and king Saul. How David sang to him and drove away an evil spirit that was disturbing him. He used music to soothe Saul’s spirit.

Now am not a person who usually adds on to a topic i have no proof on. but the topic suddenly brought up the issue of illuminati and how they put signs in the videos to pass on messages and evil spirits to the mass public. This got me thinking about the first time i heard about this infamous group ‘the illuminati’. They seem to bring so much fear to people and especially young Christians that i know of.

So, I was in High school and in my fourth and final year. We were just about to do our final exams. My friends and i went to visit one of our classmates at his home. It is here that i was introduced to a cd (This was 2008 so they were still a thing) about illuminati in music. The cd was done by a pastor from the US. It was basically talking about how the biggest artists in Rnb and Hip hop were using their music to spread evil spirits to the mass public. It went on to show proof by playing the videos and pausing at specific points where he would go on to point to us signs that were ‘evil’ and represented one thing or another.

I remember in one video by Rihanna, i can’t seem to remember which one exactly, he paused at a point in the video where there seemed to be a sign of a triangle and an eye inside. This he said was all the proof we needed that indeed Rihanna (who at that time was just blowing up) was an illuminati member and a devil worshiper. He went on to name nearly all the big artists in hip hop that were allegedly illuminati members based on their videos, lyrics, things they said on interviews they had done and basically just pretty much anything they said in public. This was a very intensive research.

To say that i was shocked and that this literally changed me, would be an understatement. I swore off listening to all the songs and artists i had heard mentioned that day on that cd. Also i swore never to listen to hip hop again. This went on for sometime, until i heard part 2 was out and in it even more people were named. To make this short it went on until part 5 almost every known artist was a member of illuminati. At this rate i might have as well had just sworn off listening any music. I didn't even trust my polyphonic ring tones anymore. Finally, when i heard there was even more, i had my fill and so i decided i was going to swear off watching these ‘illuminati’ videos and just go back to being ignorant. At some point it became a joke. Any wealthy person was tagged as illuminati. I wrote it off completely.

So after the meeting i was unsettled. we went home and didn't talk about it with my girlfriend. I promised myself to do research on it the next day at work, that was two days ago. At work on Thursday i read extensively on it. One verse however stuck with me about how to put a standard on what should be acceptable to a christian and anything that didn't fulfill this was a definite no go.

Philippians 4:8 which says “Finally brothers, whatever is true whatever is noble, whatever is pure,whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things”. This simply says if the lyrics of a song meet the standards mentioned in the verse then they are worth listening to even if they are secular songs. Yesterday i went through my phone’s music playlist and i have to say none of what i was listening to was meeting that standard, well according to me that is.

I deleted my entire playlist. Now i have no music on my phone to listen to. This is a very new experience for me because there are songs i have had there that i have been listening to since i was still in high school. They all had to go. With the new information, I have decided to start a fresh new vetting process for everything i listen to. Not only the songs but also the artist that sings the song. I don't know how this will work or how long i will keep it up but its already day one and rather that being all upset and feeling weird for not having any music to listen to i am actually excited for what is coming up now.

Wish me luck.

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