Rebecca Barrett — On the Highway to Hell? Or the Stairway to Heaven?

David Black chats to a determined, up and coming, new actress

Rebecca Barrett

Hi everyone, today I’m chatting to a new, upcoming actress by the name of Rebecca Barrett. Rebecca has worked in retail for a number of years, and like so many, she has the dream of breaking out and becoming a star.

DB — Hi Rebecca. Thanks for making the time to chat to me today. I believe that you already have a bit of experience in the industry with having done a pilot and a Bollywood music video. Can you tell me a bit about your experience to date?

RB — Hi David, thank you for having me. In 2012 i did a pilot called “Never Give Up”. It was about a martial arts tournament and I was briefly taught some moves. It was meant to be a web series unfortunately it wasn’t successful enough. In 2014 I was an extra in a Bollywood music video about gangsters. Even though they weren’t successful I still enjoyed doing them you gotta start somewhere of course.

DB — I believe you work in retail sales currently, so you must see quite a lot of different people and be interacting with them. Has this helped you so far in learning the craft?

RB — Absolutely. I feel I can use those people as a way of developing and portraying lots of different characters. Every customer I’ve met has many emotions eg: angry character or excited.

DB — There are a number of people who become bored with their current work and want to do other things. Many would look toward something more practical that they believe can make them money. What is it that has attracted you to acting?

RB — Since i did drama at school from Year 9 to 12. I had so much fun doing it and couldn’t get it outta my head. It’s the ability to entertain millions of people and being appreciated for what I do becoming a positive role model to others. Unfortunately I don’t get that where I work. It’s even more of a reward to inspire others to believe and follow their dreams.

DB — What do you feel that you can bring to the craft that is unique? What is it that you have that you don’t see commonly in today’s movies and tv shows?

RB — I believe that i can beyond with acting. Quite a few turn down roles that are too much for them and take them to a dark place they limit themselves that way. With a hard life that I lead growing up i can use that to my advantage but at the same time know the difference between fantasy and reality. I’m more interested in the viewers belief in certain characters I may portray in the future.

DB — I’m going to come back and chat to you again in a year Rebecca, so now I am going to put you to the test. Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

RB — Taking over Hollywood!

DB — thanks for an interesting interview Rebecca. I wish you well in your acting career. Do you have a page where we can follow what you are doing?

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