The Decent White Woman Who Voted For Trump.
Elizabeth Grattan

Dear Elizabeth Brattan. Great hammer on the heads of women who were tricked, yes tricked to vote for (1) Trump, or (2) Other Than Hillary, or (3) decided not to vote because news quote “Hillary is out in front by 10 to 15 percent.”

(1) Because (pick a reason) Hillary did not address Jobs! “As before, ‘It’s the jobs stupid Hillary and Bill, others.’”

(2) Because (I’m not smart enough to see through the Media outlandish, far fetched and horrid remarks to create scandal) show this lamb where to go to slaughter and I will worry about losing my life-force and Rights when I get there ; women.

(3) Why take time to vote (west of the Mississippi) for all we need, like NBA basketball, is to win by 1 point, or 1 vote.

It is common for men to vote for the lesser of two evils, but why is it that women can’t identify evil as well as men do?

To my best friends, with their Master, professors and presidents of corporations, including men, ( I’m actually pointing at men), you were fooled, tricked and you are gullible. Shame on you for once in the year having to rely upon your own sense, and not what your friends and employees are paid to tell you. Now, a Republican mob will wreck this country, like the subtleties of protecting a species, EPA, the Bald Eagle, whales to butterflies, protecting the air we breath or water we drink, it seems ever Federal Court will take all offers, and to hell with the little-guy Rights.

Very upset, we live in such a selfish, me first, instant gratification society. And now, I am allowed to grab the pussy. Save some of us remaining with moral fiber our good parents gave to us. Dave

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