How Has Streaming Affected our Identities as Music Collectors?
Cherie Hu

Hi Cherie,

This post hit home on many levels and it’s the reason why we’ve built Snapwave ( for subscribers of Spotify Premium, Apple Music, and Deezer elite.

As you said, in the streaming environment, most people consume music like a shallow news feed (“short sound bites”), which erodes the process of forming deeper connections with the artists/songs.

In the research our team has done over the past year, streaming — while fantastic in many ways for discovery, breadth and immediacy — has lead to widespread passive listening behaviors, creating friction in the process of casual listeners becoming true, loyal fans.

We’ve found that with static album covers as the only visual, poor social features, and no way for users to engage deeper after pressing play, music streaming services today are underserving both fans and artists.

Engagement is what builds true artist-fan relationships, creates loyalty, and is the path to higher revenues for stakeholders.

There’s lots of exciting things happening to make music streaming a more engaging and connective experience. I especially dig what the folks at Whitestone are doing with interactive video. VR / AR will deliver music experiences in wholly new ways.

I still believe we’re living in the greatest time for music ever and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us all.

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