I’m not sure how I am following 10.7K people on Medium when I don’t really actively follow anyone — except those who have explicitly followed me!

Medium shows me I only have 2.1K Followers — so something is amiss and I’ve missed the schema Medium uses to force me to continue to auto-follow people without any intervention of my own.

This followers mess is both disappointing and confusing. Is there a way on Medium — or beyond — for me to UNfollow everyone who is NOT following me?

I need that relief!

Imagine if Twitter still had auto-follow enabled by default — then my Medium match rate would actually match.

I’m not sure how or why I am “following” 1.5K people on Medium when I have no memory of actually following anyone.

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This is Not a Test

This is David W. Boles posting — for the first time — on Medium.

This was not a test.

This was only a test.

If this had been an actual emergency…


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