30.1 One>Zero

In Good Company…

“One is greater than zero”. These are the five words that recently set me on my never-ending quest for greatness. These simple words have pointed me towards my business goals like the compass needle locks onto its predestined target of magnetic north. My story technically starts in 1987, the year of my birth, but we are going to skip ahead for now and I promise to finish as many chapters in this online “journal” as possible over time. I decided to start here… 30.1… May 2017… for a reason and we will go backwards and possibly forwards in time as we learn more about my story here on Medium.

I’ve always been interested in learning and pushing the limits of my surroundings… sometimes the surroundings even push back, but that’s another story and another chapter for another time. I’m here to tell my story of how those 5 simple words set me on a collision course with life. Before I heard those words, I used to think that life happened to me… I was wrong… it doesn’t! I happen to life… period (or three)! Some of you reading this may understand what I mean and others… not just yet. For the “others”, I will break it down for you.

When life “happens” you can either choose to accept what is happening and deal with it… or… you can choose to make life work on your terms. I used to be the type of person that “dealt” with what life gave me… and I was fine with that… good or bad… I made the best of situations. I prepared for success as much as I could and if failure happened… I would learn, adjust, regroup and start over… usually trying something new. Having a positive attitude is great when you fail and even better when you succeed so I tried to be that way everyday 24/7/365. It was hard… no one is happy all the time. Everyone has good days and not so good days but it’s how you see your days that matters… not the actual events that happen before, during or after them. You may see a flat tire.. I see exercise.. you may see rain.. I see a free carwash.. you may see the glass half full or even less.. I see hundreds or thousands of wonderful drops... the world is what you want it to be. Once you realize that the world is big but small and that nothing is perfect and nothing is terrible.. you will see that life is what you make it. If you can learn how to see the beauty at the smallest or largest scales all around you… you will know that no matter what’s happening in your life.. you’re reading this and you’re not in a casket or an urn or the ocean. You are free to do anything you chose but you must learn to see the “smiles and not the cries” (credit: Training Day Movie) if you want to be completely happy.

Let’s get off this tangent and back on track now to explain more about how “One is greater than zero” and how it applies directly to my story.

I once worked for a company with great people but I felt that the world was changing and heading in a new direction and maybe the others did not… maybe they were right at the time… maybe the world wasn’t changing… or maybe I changed the world. I saw that the world was “wireless” but it wasn’t “connected”… at least not efficiently.

Let me take you on one more tangent for this chapter… it’s a good one.. I promise! My oldest daughter “Orion” was born on what pop culture may call “Back to the Future Day” (10/21/2015)… the day that Doc Brown and Marty went 30 years in the future from 1985. What I remember from that movie was the holographic shark, 3D advertisements, sweet nike shoes, hoverboards, and flying cars. If you don’t know already… these things all exist… here on earth… right now.. either as a prototype or functional model. Unfortunately, what doesn’t exist yet… is the ability for you to interact 100% with your TV… live TV… also the beautiful, funny and sometimes annoying ads that seem to follow you around on the internet and phone don’t quite make it to your TV. What I’m telling you is that currently… on earth… there is no “universal” system that easily allows phones talk to TVs, roomba robots talk to the smart thermostat, the refrigerator to talk to the pizza hut delivery drone.

Also, in business there is no “computer” that is specifically designed to “talk” to “phones” and the “TV” and other devices to allow them all to work together efficiently, as a single helpful cohesive unit. The good news is, I’m building that computer for you “business owners” and I’m also building the “network” that will allow your devices as well as your customers and employees to all work together as one.

Now back on track after this last tangent story. This first entry will be over soon… please keep reading… you’re so close!

I recently watched a video on FB of Gary Vaynerchuk about his “1>0” idea and it basically boils down to you don’t know who is going to see your message when you put it out there.. but one thing’s for sure… no one will ever see it if you never tell it. I chose to write a new webpage on my website and sent the link to Garyvee’s team through his website contact form. After that one single “submit button” push and putting the story of what I am building.. out into the world… one person saw it.. then another… and finally I had started my journey. Life is always a journey but this one is different for me.

I wasn’t very familiar with Gary at the time of sending my message but from the few videos I had seen of him… I knew he could help me with advice. I knew that in order to build my dream I would need 3 things and that Gary may provide me with one of them if I offered something in return.

I asked for advice on “what silicon valley” was already working on because I was scared to ask for investors money and go up against a monster and lose someones investment. I knew I could find financing in may different places online or with friends or family or extra hustle. I wanted to get the view from the top of a mountain by calling on the person who was able to summit and already at the peak and ask them to tell me what they see on the other side. I got a twitter account for the first time last month in fact I have three accounts. One for me, and one for each of my businesses… I plan to go back to one account when I have some help… right now I juggle two phones and two laptops for most of my day.

My one single webpage view turned into an adventure that took me to NYC on a solo journey for “advice” but in reality the words of wisdom I was seeking were in Gary’s videos and pretty much every other motivational speakers videos the whole time. If you want to see more about my journey, please visit my Facebook and look back to June of this year. I try to document my life on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram as well.

Did you realize I never mentioned what my third request for Gary was…I did! 1. Advice, 2. ???, 3. $$$… I also asked Gary for help with getting me more access to digital “content”. I was looking for partnerships so that I would have “channels” for my customers to watch. But the good news is guys… everyone is their own channel. Well not everyone has their own channel right now on Youtube, Vimeo, or a TV station… but most people have a phone with a camera and that video can usually be streamed live or at the very least uploaded and watched later on. With technology these days… if you want to be a “TV Star” you can be.. just swipe and click the button and put a smile on your face and tell your story. Even if you have “zero” friends or followers today and you upload that video or live stream… I promise you one day another person will watch it and you never know who that might be! Remember I started with zero followers on Twitter a month ago but now I have more than zero and that’s all that really counts. Be yourself and someone somewhere will watch. Not everyone wants to be on TV, but maybe you build birdhouses and you’re really good at it. If you’re good at something or even if your bad but it makes you happy doing “it”… then keep doing it. And while you’re at “it”… try to set up a camera because you never know who may find enjoyment with your moment of happiness… it could be another “future birdhouse builder”… or a TV star. Those moments happen in an instant and then they are gone forever and only we can remember them… but if you take a few extra seconds to document what you did during that moment… it can be shared and remembered by others forever.

Now, we are almost finished with this chapter… I promise… please keep going! What I figured out during my “spirit quest” in NYC last month was that you don’t have to take what life “deals” your way. You have all the power to just walk up cut the deck and chose the cards you want… and walk in the direction of your next adventure. Instead of waiting for life to happen… just go out and happen to life. I promise… if life is in your way… just run faster right at it… life will move out of your way and you will get to your destination much faster. Don’t be scared… live life… move mountains… just B U!