30.3 Eclipse 2017

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Change can be hard and it can also be very scary when you don’t know whats on the other side. Everyone has probably heard the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side”. I can tell you that’s not always the case in fact I’ve seen a few yards that look worse than mine and clearly my grass is greener. It’s also not a fair comparison because I was able to see the other side with my own eyes and could turn my head back to my own yard and see the difference between my green grass and my neighbors slightly brown grass. In this example you have it very easy because you don’t have to do much other than open your eyes and turn your head.

Now let me bend the rules of our example a bit now. Imagine you are walking and can see a large fenced wall and a small trampoline next to the wall. You can hear birds chirping across the wall and you can also hear a small stream bubbling and you can smell the sweet scent of fresh flowers but remember you cannot “see” any of this yet but your senses are telling you it must be on the other side but you cannot be 100 percent sure. All you know is it could be really nice on the other side… in fact it could be the best oasis you’ve ever imagined and more. You can look around outside these gates and want to enter but there is no door there is no easy way to peek and see what’s inside.

It’s starting to get hot now and you’re down to your last drop from your canteen and you realize the grass around you in kind of green.. but kind of yellow and brown too. You can see little bits of dust blow in the wind and you can still hear the small stream across the fence. You know that this stream is pure and fresh and the grass must take full advantage and must be deep dark green, soft and lush. You can imagine how beautiful and colorful these birds are on the other side but you still have not seen them.

You decide to sit down and think… should I try to see the other side. What if I go there and the ground is muddy and the birds are ugly you think to yourself. Then you ponder and daydream and watch the greenish grass on your side of the fence. At some point you will either decide to go back to where you came from or keep going. You also have a 3rd option that is rarely chosen in life but has the potential to pay off immensely… however it can also send you home early to clean the mud from your clothes. I have learned the best option is to stop and think about your options. Then when you know your potential outcomes choose the one that is the most fun for you. Choose life and be free.

For me I would walk around to see inside and when I could not find a crack or hole I would evaluate my options.

  1. Go home early… always wondering what could have been on the other side… no… not my style.
  2. Keep walking and maybe there will be another fence with a hole or a gate… maybe… but you can’t be sure... it may never come.
  3. You can choose to take the adventure that’s before you right here and right now. You can set the trampoline to your perfect angle, stretch your legs and start preparing yourself for this jump.

When you’ve prepared yourself to succeed and the last thing is to start running. You’re now at your most free state and this is where life truly begins and you can make your own world. The moment you start running at the fence you may be scared.. but I know you can do this… others before you left this trampoline for a reason. They could have left a ladder but that would have been too easy… and the best things in life are found where others are afraid to venture. The skill is not jumping on the trampoline and making it over the fence.. it’s simply starting to run and having faith you will make it to the other side. That’s all you need because when you’ve decided to see what’s on the other side… you will jump until you make it even if you fail the first few times. As long as you don’t give up you will make it over the same leaping fence of faith as the others before you and you will be fine. I cannot tell you what you’ll find on the other side of this imaginary fence because the fun is not in knowing but not knowing what life brings next.

You could land in mud with birds around, you could also land on lush dark green soft grass and the birds could be amazingly beautiful. But you’ll never know unless you try.. you have to run… you have to jump… you have to fly. Or go back home or look farther down your path for another fence and trampoline. The worse case scenario if you choose to jump this fence… is you go home early to clean the mud and the best case is you get greener grass and purer water and brighter and louder birds and more.

Now that we understand the future is scary because we don’t always have a way to see the grass before we jump the fence. I want to propose a new example for you and we can discuss this more in time.

The worlds grass is good but it’s not great, especially not everywhere. In fact there are many parts of this world where the grass is brown or even non existent and just dust. No one wants to live on brown grass or have no grass at all… but there are many people who do live this way and they deserve their own green grass too. Now we have two options here.. move that person to where the grass is greener or we can grow green grass for them. One option is fast and one is much slower. The option to grow more grass is sustainable and in my opinion better that moving people. We can grow grass everywhere and in some cases people may have to move but most likely when their grass is green they wont need much more other than friendship and happiness.

The way we can grow grass all over the earth is by allowing people to thrive and be their true self. People weren’t meant to be locked inside doing tasks that are repetitive and don’t bring them value. In fact people are meant to be creative and happy and unless you’re lucky enough to have a job you absolutely love doing everyday you might be better off taking the next weekend to decide if you’re ready to jump the next fence. Our world here today is fine… it has some beautiful green grass parts and some not so green parts. I can imagine a much better world with freedom and fun.

If we want to have green grass everywhere for everyone we need to think smart and build our new world and we need to start today. Don’t worry I’ve already started and you can help now.

In order to fix the problems that we have right now we need to work together and also work smart and fast. It will not be as hard as it seems… I promise life is much easier than it has been recently. I am proposing a society that is free to be happy and free to travel and explore and free from the stress of average life. I want everyone to thrive and be able to go out and grab life by the horns and become your true self… be free.

I will tell you a secret it’s not scary when you know what’s on the other side of the fence. In order to create the New World where everyone is free to choose their destiny there will be robots doing our “jobs” for us. That means when we aren’t doing “our jobs” we are going to need to find something else to do and I suggest you find what makes you happy and do that everyday. If you want to paint… do it! If you like cooking, sports, teaching, gardening then just start doing that. One day you may find yourself replaced by a robot so you need to be ready to take you vacation early because this robotic shift is happening sooner than you may think.

I want you to prepare yourself when this happens because it’s actually going to be a really great time if you can see what’s over the fence. I’m going to tell you right now how green the grass is on the other side. The grass is soft, lush and dark green and goes up and down small rolling hills near that pure cool stream. There is flora and fauna as far as the eye can see and it lives peacefully together as nature intended. There are amazingly colorful birds and the entire hidden forest is fresh and new.

When robots take your job you need to be super happy about that because I warned you about it TODAY and now you can prepare. The best part is all you have to do to “prepare” is find out what make you happy and do that. Get a head start now if you can because you’ll be ahead of the others.

One day cars will run on water or magnets... one day all cars will fly. One day the robots will drive our cars, trucks, planes, trains, and ships… it’s starting to happen now. When robots do all the “work”… that’s good for humans because that will leave us room to “play”. That’s why I’m trying to get you thinking about this early on because if you have a head start this change may not be so scary. Another byproduct of this machine revolution will be a lack of jobs and financial safety net. The “jobs” will just be done by robots and the “safety net” will be universal basic income.

As long as you’re doing what you love to do and making the world a better place for yourself and others you will be entitled to help. You will never be alone and on your own. There will always be someone watching out for you very soon and you will not have to worry or fear. If you are positive, help others and the earth… we (earths connected society) will provide funding so you can excel and achieve true greatness. When you fear nothing... money, life, others… you will become truly free, you can explore and find yourself. This New World is coming now and you better be super excited because it’s going to be so much better than what you see today. Ask me what I’m working on…