The time is near… the world is prime for a reset… in fact it’s already starting! Believe it or not, we humans as a global and world society are seeing the beginning stages of a snowball starting to roll down a steep hill with fresh, fluffy, clean and icy powder lightly caked all the way down. This snowball is a moving and breathing “knowledgeball” that’s going to change the way the world operates on nearly every level of society.

This ball is already rolling downhill whether you know it or not and when this “knowledgeball” of snow hits the small town at the bottom of the mountain… the villagers are going to need a warning… unless this town is in the digitally advanced nation of Estonia. This metaphoric snowball is a Cosmic awakening that will change the sociopolitical and economic dynamics of Earth as we know it. Please let me explain more about this snowball and how you can prepare now and what to expect after the “calm before the storm” is over.

We as a human population have been living in a fantasy world for the last few hundred years and we are at a tipping point where things are going to change drastically. Many of us have been controlled and manipulated into living a life that’s not meaningful to us or doesn’t allow us the flexibility to enjoy our lives to the max. The good news is we are currently in a position to take this control back and start to exercise our freedom of expression and enjoy each moment. Some of us are starting to wake up to the fact that many of us spend our entire lives working and saving to hopefully save enough money to retire and live on a smaller budget for a fraction of our total expected lifespan. Everyone has a choice to start their retirement early and start living a life of freedom and happiness.

If you’re young and have a long life ahead you are probably starting to wake up to the fact that you don’t have to live the same life you parents lived and you can enjoy life and do anything you want to. However, there are many people out there that aren’t as hip to the online ecosystem and they are the ones at a disadvantage at this point, but only because they may not understand what’s about to happen globally. This message is for everyone but I hope that somehow I can spread this knowledge and some of it is able to protect the less internet capable. These are the people who I fear will have the most to lose during the coming transition due to lack of awareness and inability to protect their assets.

The world financial system is in a chaotic tailspin and it’s only being supported by smoke and mirrors at this point. We are very close to a financial meltdown and this one will be much worse than in 2007 and it’s going to change how Earth works in many ways. The US dollar is used to trade global oil shipments and for the moment… nearly all countries in the world convert their currency to the dollar to make the transaction and then back to their own currency or the other parties currency to finish the transaction. This means the US dollar receives a “microloan” at least for the time period that it takes to make the oil transaction. When you multiply this short timeframe microloan across the entire world it does add up substantially. Venezuela has already stopped taking US dollars for their oil exports to the US. China and Russia are planning to stop converting to dollars when they make their oil transactions in the near future.

The dollar is falling and has lost nearly 99% of its original value since we created the Federal Reserve System in the early 1910’s. To due our “fractional reserve” banking system, there is roughly 10 times more debt in the world than there is money and each time a “central bank” prints more fiat money there is more debt to be paid back. There is no way to “pay back” the debt we have accrued and are going to continue to accrue while we continue to let our money lose value. The dollar is DOA and the world is secretly trying to find a solution so it can continue to operate the way it has for over a century.

The next step is going to be a global collapse and when this collapse happens the paper money under your mattress will become some expensive toilet paper. This collapse is already starting to happen and it’s going to get exponentially faster very soon. Each time someone somewhere trades their paper fiat money for any “cryptocurrency” or uses their “internet, electricity, and computing power” to mine cryptocurrency… the dollar becomes less valuable and cryptocurrencies rise in value. This rate is going to continue to get faster and faster until there is a total collapse and the world financial system is going to have a reset again and you’ll need to be prepared. You need to have a way to get invested in cryptocurrency and it doesn’t matter which one that much because all forms will increase in value and then after the crash they should stabilize and some “coins” will get eaten by other types of coins but there won’t be a “crash” for cryptocurrency. Hedge funds and retirement accounts will all lose a majority of their value if they aren’t fully hedged with substantial cryptocurrency assets.

The only way to have a cryptocurrency crash for the entire crypto market would be for the power to turn off for nearly the entire planet. If this were to actually happen the current monetary system we have wouldn’t work anyway so we should be looking forward to this new monetary system coming because it’s right around the corner. Buy coins because they are the only way to protect yourself when this crash happens.