Together, The Left And Right Can Kill The Establishment Propaganda Machine
Caitlin Johnstone

Great points. I’m a libertarian conservative and I completely agree. I discuss issues with those on the left and know that dropping our arms and talking to each other is more important than “destroying” each other. I quote progressive sources when they speak the truth. I don’t care. I’m more about freedom of speech and honesty of discussion than the latest angry fad of expression which does nothing for helping us all live. Conservatives and Liberals are self-deluded when they think only they have all the answers, and the corporate media only wants us to fight each other and not touch them. Sorry, that’s not the answer. Our freedom to believe and disagree is at stake here. I want liberals and conservatives to talk. If you don’t want real conversation in this country without censoring and shutting down opposition, then I’m sorry….. YOU are the problem.

Money quote: Getting out of our echo chambers and interacting with people is a great first step toward collaboration. BINGO.

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