Righteous Callings: Being Good, Leftist Orthodoxy, and the Social Justice Crisis of Faith
Kai Cheng

I’m libertarian/conservative and your essay wound up in my digest. Can I say that it’s heartening to hear you and others in the comments express discomfort with the way the SJW community seems to act. You’ll find that MANY of us just want dialog, not animosity. You’ll find that most of us are very reasonable to talk to, but we’ll give you much more respect than you’ll give us credit for or have faith in. The commentor here had a great quote that the “right looks for converts while the left looks for traitors”. It seems that there’s a very dangerous segment of your side that want to crucify those who aren’t “pure enough” (see that Oregon college who has practically destroyed the leftist professor who didn’t toe one line). Whether or not your side sees it, there are chilling parallels to totalitarianism over there. I’m just glad to see there are those on your side questioning it. Good.

My respect to you for being truthful.

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