Anti-Trump Nahuatl Lexicon

A condensed version of this list was published in January 2017 in The Jewish Mexican Literary Review:

Pahpahzol. Someone crude and bothersome.
 Ca pahpahzol Trump. Trump is a dick.

Tlācaozomahtli. Monkey-man.
 In tlācaozomahtli quicemīxnāhuatih in piltzintli. The monkey-man expelled the baby.

Cihuāyāōtl. Enemy of women.
 Ca cihuāyāōtl inōn chachalacani. That argumentative babbler is an enemy of women.

Mātepitōneh. Someone with small hands.
 In mātepitōneh tēca mocayāhua. The small-handed man deceives people.

Ahquetzqui. Impudent, brazenly arrogant.
 In ahquetzqui quicemmana īyāōuh in tlacatlahtōlli. The arrogant prick spreads gossip about his opponent.

Ahquimatini. “Know-nothing,” a willfully ignorant person.
 Mā oc cencah tleh ticmomachītia in ahquimatini. Be especially cautious of the dumbass.

Yāōihtacatl. Weapon.

Quichīhuaznequi huehhuēyi yāōihtacatl. He wants to build huge weapons.

Tlahtlahtoāni. Babbler

Ca ahmo tlahtoāni, ca tlahtlahtoāni. He’s not a leader; he’s a babbler.

Tlahtlacōlli. Fault, sin or defect.
 Tiquimachilia in ītlahtlacōl. We all know his defects.

Ahtlācaquīza. To be inhuman or monstrous.
 Ahtlācaquīza in ītēn in ītlahtōl. His discourse, his very words, are monstrous.

Ichtequini. Thief.
 Ca ahmo tomācēhualpoh inin ichtequini. This thief is not a regular guy like us.

Motlahēllāzani. One who stirs up hate in others.
 In xōchipalli motlahēllāzani, motlahēlmayahuini. The orange one is a scatterer of hate, a spreader of hatred.

Motzol. Greedy.
 In mānel motlācamati, motzol, mohmotz. Though he is rich, he is greedy, ever-grasping.

Tenitl. Barbarous, uncouth.
 Ca tenitl, tompotla inōn ahmo cualli oztomēcatl. That bad businessman is uncouth and rude.

Iztlacatini. Liar.
 Ca yehhuātl in iztlacatini, iztlaccoxoc. HE is the liar, the mendacious one.

Ihciccala. Lewd, lecherous.
 In ihyāc huēhueh ihciccala. The nasty old man is a lecher.

Nehnequi. To be envious or full of unsatisfied desires.
 Īpampa ītēnyo polihui, mahmana, mozōma, monehnequi. Because his popularity is fading, he’s become troubled, enraged, envious.

Machōni. Infamous.
 Īpampa īahquimamatcayo, mocuepa machōni. He has become infamous because of his ignorance.

Mācpalcocoyoc. Wasteful.
 Inōn mācpalcocoyoc tlaāhuilquīxtia. That wasteful man squanders his riches.

Necoc. On both sides, duplicitous.
 Necoc tēneh, necoc tlachiya. He is two-faced; he flip-flops. (Literally “He has words on both sides, he watches both sides.”)

Ahyectli. Evil.
 Ahyectli īnemiliz. His lifestyle is evil.

Tēmācpalihtōtia. Charm or enchant people in order to rob them blind.
 [Note: this one deserves some explanation. The verb comes from “mācpalihtōtia,” which literally means “dance with a dead woman’s arm.” The Aztecs believed that women who died in childbirth were elevated to godhood, and thieves would often dig up their corpses to steal their arms, since those relics supposedly gave them greater power in their criminal deeds.]