From the Front Lines: What’s Happening With AI Today (Part 1)

David A. Bray
Mar 27 · 2 min read

Back in 2015 I had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan and Australia as an Eisenhower Fellow. Eisenhower Fellowships exist to inspire leaders around the world to challenge themselves, to envision how they can effect positive change, to engage others beyond their existing networks and to collaborate with other like-minded leaders across national borders and regions to better the world around them. The Fellowships are apolitical and non-partisan and I have really enjoyed meeting fellow Eisenhower Fellows from around the world.

Dr. Fredrik Bruhn was one such individual I met and have become good friends with — Fredrik is CEO of Unibap, is a supplier of world class innovative automation solutions for smart plants on Earth and in space. Unibap’s vision is to create a better work environment and sustainability which probably why, in part, Fredrik and I became friends since the People-Centered Internet coalition of which I serve as Exec Dir for also has this as one of our focus areas. He’s also adjunct professor at Mälardalens University.

We decided to start a video blog series which aims to talk about what’s actually happening with AI today — specifically with a lens regarding the industrial internet of things, computer vision, and automated processes. If this new format works well, we’ll continue with a few more videos discussing what’s happening from “the front lines”.

For our first video, we walked to talk about the three layers of AI computing: edge, fog, and cloud and how modern industries need to use a combination of all three if the industrial processes are mission critical. Take a look at the short (about 17.5 minute) video and let us know your thoughts below in the comment fields. The video also embeds some actual demonstrations of IIoT and computer vision that we discuss during the video.

Comments welcomed! Also a big thank you to everyone with the Eisenhower Fellowships, Unibap, the People-Centered Internet coalition, as well as both Ray Wang and Aubrey Coggins of Constellation Research and everyone at Singularity University. A salute to everyone striving to be global, positive change agents to help communities succeed in a rapidly changing world.

David A. Bray

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Championing People-Centered Ventures & #ChangeAgents. Reflecting on How Our World Has Changed Since September 2001. Leadership is Passion to Improve Our World.

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