FFCONF Retrospect 2019

git add --patch
git commit --amend
git rebase --interactive
  • Providers of targeted content news (aka clickbait) are collecting masses of data points on people.
  • Corporate surveillance information resource.
  • PSYOPS (Psychological Operations), SCL Group influencing elections.
  • Reduce tracking by not logging in.
  • Facebook has a patent that can identify dust and scratches in a camera lens and match photos taken with that device.
  • Facebook links advertisers to users phone numbers after an average of 22 days.
  • Privacy is being eroded by agendas from corporate companies.
  • T&C complexity means people are not giving informed consent.
  • Companies often provide a give up everything or get nothing approach for their services.
  • Self-host third-party scripts to avoid tracking.
  • Ethical Technology. Stay ups, not startups started to fail or quickly sell.
  • #deletefacebook
  • request blocking tab to glob block off files to determine if dependency
  • resolving Content Shifting with CSS.
  • demonstration that native support for lazy loading is coming for Chrome although regular cross-browser lazy loading implementation is still currently the best option.
  • critical render path tool can identify the min CSS required at load, which you can add in the head and unblock other CSS by loading in lower priority phase.
  • 3G & 6X Slowdown to experience poor connection in the browser.
  • rendering tab to establish how hard your browser is working. The layout phase is heaviest, paint less so and CSS compositing the most performant. So try to focus on lower-cost operations.
  • Identifying layout blocking and non-blocking requests with Priority column. (Found this table which further details the above point)



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