21 Fearless Brands That Flaunted Clarity Over Noise

by David Brier


Clarity is one of those “invisible qualities” we all admire and often choose (yet rarely slow down long enough to isolate just how to achieve that for our brands).

We stop and notice clarity over many things… many noisier things.

Having recently moved our offices, I came across logos and brands I designed from as far back as 1983, some that have stood the test of time and others that, through these seasoned eyes, could have been better — more subtle, more refined, more timeless — offering a simpler clarity over some of those earlier, busier choices.

So I decided to take inventory of brands I have worked on over the last 18 months.

If Clarity is a Drug, I Have an Addiction

I was happy with what I found: designs were tasteful, distinctive, memorable, and most importantly, uniquely and authentically qualified to rise above the general noise so my client’s brand are seen and heard in a world too often preoccupied with the next social media share, the latest viral video, the next tweet or the latest Instagram feed.

How? By trimming any “fat” from the solutions so the message and voice was lean, mean and clear and unobstructed.

These include brands as diverse as:

  • coffee and tea,
  • a dance school,
  • a landscaping service for one of America’s most prestigious and affluent communities,
  • gluten-free cookies,
  • a community charity,
  • skin care,
  • online investing,
  • energy advisors,
  • student debt consolidation,
  • premium dried meat (aka “jerky”).

The above list is independent of the numerous other brands for whom names and strategies have been developed and whose branding is still in development, many of which I am proud of and will blow many peoples’ minds. More importantly, it will perform, resonate and get the notice necessary to garner interest and consumption.

It’s that type of clarity of WHY we’re doing what we’re doing that makes the difference between the great brands and the almost great ones or wannabes.

I first off want to acknowledge and thank the clients who have chosen to work with DBD International and me, embracing the process and knowing that improvement (and a dose of awesomeness) was not only possible but inevitable.

Thank you. I know 2016 will be a great year for all of us, and we have a lot of amazing plans, videos and a brand new book in store (with a Foreword by none other than Daymond John!). So watch out!

Keep shining brightly.

Originally published at www.risingabovethenoise.com on December 31, 2015.