How to (Really) Absorb Information Like a Millionaire

You’ve got to love those articles that talk about the first thing millionaires do in the morning, what habits they have, what they eat first, what exercises they do, what things they avoid doing, etc.

What if you could learn what to read, review and study every morning just like a millionaire or a billionaire? I mean really rich people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks), Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank) or Gary Vaynerchuk (amongst others).

OK, with that quality of insight, I’m in.

What a Millionaire Reads

Well, this morning, I ran across a new article from Business Insider titled, “What 13 Highly Successful People Read Every Morning” with a photo of Warren Buffett.

I admit. I was hooked. So were a gazillion other people based on the social shares. Off the charts.

I read with great curiosity and interest what they read “every morning” like so many others.

Then it hit me.

The Big Problem with What Millionaires Read

Too many of us read these types of articles with the hopes of finding that “magic bullet” that will ignite a firestorm of riches, fame and independence.

But here’s what we (and possibly the authors of these lists) miss: these successful people are reading this information as a tool to be informed and intelligently choreograph and channel what they make happen.


In other words, they never lose sight of being the mover and the shaker that makes things happen. They simply leverage and hone those skills by staying informed.

They don’t expect articles to inspire anything in themselves.

They are their own inspiration.

They are their own believers in their own skills to make things better, to overcome obstacles, to score that touchdown.

They don’t consider the information to be the source of their success.

In contrast, wannabes look to this information to give the necessary power “to make it” whereas the incredibly successful realize information is a tool to use their power and ability wisely.

The Lesson I Almost Missed from These Millionaires

To never displace the source of our success as existing elsewhere outside of ourselves. This doesn’t mean we don’t collaborate and work with others. It just means, we know our role and our ability to contribute and fulfill that role.

That ability resides in our personal commitment, our belief in our skills, in our ability to make a difference, in our ability to help others successfully.

The Ultimate Lesson

Information, like a map, helps navigate, but will never replace a smart and capable driver.

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Originally published at on May 13, 2015.

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