My final post about Jeremy
Rob Francis

I confess, I didn’t read the whole of the above. I stopped at this:

“There are countless examples to reel off. His defence of a vicar who blamed the 9/11 attacks on Israel. His links to holocaust deniers. His obfuscation when asked to condemn the IRA. His support for Hamas and disregard for Israel. His backing of anti-semites and homophobes. Here’s a video of himsaying Hezbollah are an organisation committed to peace and social justice (hint: they aren’t). He appeared on Iran’s state broadcaster as recently as 2011, taking money from a regime that executes gay people.”

  1. The Israelis were implicated in the 9/11 attacks.
  2. There is no credible evidence of links to holocaust deniers and, in any case, I am sick of Israel using the holocaust card to counter criticism of its horrible slaughter of Palestinians.
  3. He could not condemn the IRA while attempting to negotiate peace with them. So the accusation is naive and stupid.
  4. He has NEVER backed anti-semites and homophobes. Indeed, his entire philosophy negates that silly accusation, and I defy you to present an iota of credible evidence to support it.
  5. Your snippet taken out of context is typical of those who simply do not want to see the sense of what Corbyn is saying. He described Hezbollah as “an organisation dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people”, and at a time when Hamas, the democratically elected government of Palestine was banned from visiting Britain, so that Hezbollah took its place, and the Israelis were stealing the land of the Palestinians.
  6. Many MPs give interviews in many situations that might be considered compromising, but the bottom line is what they were talking about. The article you link to does not specify what the interviews were about, and whether or not Corbyn criticised Iran for its policies. And it’s a bit rich criticising him for accepting fees for interviews with Iran’s state broadcaster, when our government is comfortably in bed with the cruel regime of Saudi Arabia a country that recently beheaded 47 souls.

So I stopped reading because it was already clear that this rant was going to be similarly slanted and unworthy of my attention.