I literally unsubscribed to the Medium email newsletter because of this headline.
Sharika Soal

Never get Shakira’s point here.

The new POTUS is lying with every word but nobody else is allowed to?
Shakira, better write your angry comment to Trump and his bulldogs.

And by the way: if you or a 17 years old have to think twice if something is true, perhaps that sharpens your ability of judgement for the next election. Meanwhile enjoy the current situation based on democracy and manipulation by Russia, GOP, self-appointed supporters of Trump like Hannity who really did their best to make a really bad job, Wiki-Leaks with Assange and perhaps or perhaps not ties to Russia, whatever. One thing those all have in common: they never made satire, the made serious manipulation, with and without truth, they gambled with you and other voters. Elections are done now, POTUS is leading USA now on the dark side. Take a cup of tea and enjoy the show.

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