Earlier this week, Charlie Lee (with my permission), tweeted that I was helping to design a Mimblewimble extension block for Litecoin. I thought little of the consequences, as I’ve assisted other coins in various ways without any backlash. This time, however, the news was grossly misunderstood.


Discussing with Charlie Lee, ecurrencyhodler, and others about how best to add fungibility to Litecoin.


Quitting or scaling back contributions to Grin and/or Grin++. I’ve actually got a lot of really exciting Grin things I’m working on, like an RFC for decentralized addressing, GrinJoin support in Grin++, important privacy features (yet to be announced), various sync improvements, stability fixes, and now a security audit (fully funded, thanks to everyone who contributed).

I have always been thankful to everyone who has used, supported, and enjoyed Grin++. I feel that it has raised the bar for what’s expected of a Grin wallet, and has made transacting on the Grin network easier for hundreds of people. I spend a significant amount of my personal time developing and supporting it because I truly believe Grin is the best cryptocurrency project since Bitcoin, and its launch has been the most fair I’ve ever seen. (Frustratingly so actually, as most of us have found it’s nearly impossible to benefit financially from being an early adopter or developer.)

My opinion of Grin has not changed one bit, and I will continue to work toward making it the most private, scalable, and decentralized money out there.


Why not? I am an unpaid volunteer, as I have been for most of my time as a Grin contributor and Grin++ developer. I am neither a member of the Grin core team, nor a Grin council member (although I do have a ツ in my twitter name, if that accounts for anything). I’m just a crypto-anarchist who happens to spend his spare time developing an alternative node and wallet for Grin. My ultimate goal is financial privacy for everyone, and I would love nothing more than to see mimblewimble on Bitcoin itself. Getting MW added to Litecoin seemed like the obvious next step.


It has been suggested that I was working with Litecoin because Charlie “paid the most.” This is simply not true. Everybody knows fluffypony has way more money, anyway.

Although I did say I would not help implement the extension block for free, I offered to help design, answer questions, and discuss ideas for free, as I have often done with other projects in the past. There was an explicit agreement between Charlie and I that all help with design would be provided free of charge, and the project is still very much in the design phase. He decided to later donate to the security audit funding campaign, not as payment for the help I provided, but because it was mutually beneficial, since LTC will likely use the Grin++ codebase as the starting point for the extension block.


I’m bothered by the Grin community’s response to my actions. I’ve only ever tried to make Grin accessible to others, and I’m hurt that my loyalty was ever in question. Not only that, but it has been a huge waste of time dealing with the accusations. I’ve actually spent more time this week explaining and defending my choices than I’ve spent designing and coding, which isn’t beneficial to anyone. This will be my last time discussing it, so if you’re still unsatisfied with my response, I’ve gotten really good at filtering email and therefore encourage you to direct all anger there.

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