The F-35 Stealth Fighter May Never Be Ready for Combat
War Is Boring

This program needs to be slowed down even at the cost of killing it. We need front line jets that are ready for deployment. We over shot and we didnt take care of our money. I think we should buy more advanced f 16 and f 15. today! The future of war will be missiles. Small long range drones that are hard to see that can use weapons from ships and subs. I first thought the submarine x would be a great platform but now i think we should just use the 10 submarines that are being retired early. all together they have about 15 years left on hulls. 200 million each to refuel. Just add the new stealth cruise missiles. Then we build a ship that can launch drones no bigger than a large destroier. that ship will be used a a missile platform. at least 150 missiles on it. the aircrat carrier is on its way out. we only need maybe 7 of the large carriers. that would save 180 billion and we could use that to add the new ships and subs. the operating cost of those carrier is to high and way to easy to sink. Hell we could just put mobile launchers on any large ship. We need to rethink what war is coming to. LARGE EXPENSIVE PLATFORMS ARE TO EASY TO MESS WITH. TOO EASY TO SEE AND YOU CANT FEILD THEM EASY. I like the thought of using 747 retro fitted. HUGE PAYLOAD AND LONG RANGE. Just put the best stand off weapons.

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