Why big companies fail at innovation. I am talking to you Google

Has anyone else had their email hacked half a dozen times? 
Have any of you tried the double authentication and still been hacked?
Have any of you tried to get google docs to work offline?

What’s amazing to me is that the lack of attention to detail for ease of use and stability of platforms from a company that was built upon ease of use.

Email Security. I’ve been hacked 6 times over the last 8 weeks, even after adding double authentication. I haven’t been traveling, haven’t been accessing websites with pirated content or downloading anything with pirated content to my computer. I also use google to host my domain so there’s no blaming godaddy or some other ESP.

Google Docs Offline. It started out as just trying to figure out how to get google docs to work offline. I mean they say it will, but it never seems to. I do a search on google and this is what I get.

1. This is not the process
2. This process isn’t even close to what their support reps give me when I contact for guidance.

Here is exactly what I received from rep # 1.

“The best course of action is to allow the browser to rescan the documents listed as offline, I have been able to test this and you do not need to enable the offline mode for each file, follow these steps instead:

1- Open Google Chrome and go to the online Google Drive interface.

2- Click the gear button > Settings > disable the offline mode.

3- Press Command+Shift+Delete in the keyboard to open the Clear Browser Data page, click the drop down button at the top and select ‘the beginning of time’, checkmark all boxes except ‘Passwords’ and then click the ‘Clear browsing data’ button, keep in mind this will sign you out of all sessions in the browser.

4- Go back to the online Google Drive interface, sign in and enable the offline mode once more, do not go to the ‘docs.google.com’ or any other related pages, allow for a few hours to make sure the file shave been synced to the local browser cache.

5- Disconnect the computer from the network and you will notice that non-Google files will be greyed out in the Google Drive interface; the only items you will be able to click are Google Docs proprietary files.

6- Close and reopen the browser while the computer is disconnected from the network, click the ‘Apps’ icon below the ‘back’ arrow in the browser and then click the Google Drive icon in the Apps page, it will load the Google Drive interface and will show the list of available files as well.”

And here is what I received from Rep #2.

“I tried to contact you some moments ago but I was not able to reach you. The reason of my call was to continue our troubleshooting regarding this behavior. I would to share with you some information regarding Docs Offline.

1. For Drive offline the Drive Chrome App needs to be installed https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-drive/apdfllckaahabafndbhieahigkjlhalf

2. At the same time, it requires the Chrome Extension “Google Docs Offline”. You can find it here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-docs-offline/ghbmnnjooekpmoecnnnilnnbdlolhkhi

3. Please keep in mind that Drive Offline doesn’t work in incognito

4. It only works in Chrome

5. It also requires that you have signed in to Chrome https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/185277?hl=en

6. It will take time to synchronize the files locally so they can be available offline”

My point is simple, test your products, have your search engine provide clear and concise steps to get your products to work.

I love the convenience of some of your products UNTIL something goes wrong, then it’s like getting stuck in the maze trying to win the TriWizard tournament with a blindfold on, duct taped into a nap sack, and really inebriated.

The point? When big companies build products that aren’t “core” they often give them less than the needed attention for success and loyalty in the market. I do firmly believe in the approach of move fast and break things, however recognizing when something is being widely adopted and moving quickly to ensure a quality and stable product and experience is key to avoiding “what are my other options?”