Attempt to monitor my sump pump

On Easter Sunday I checked to make sure the sump pump was working ahead of a heavy rainfall warning in the region only to find that the sump pump wasn’t working. Luckily for us, we were able to get a plumber in to have us back up and running.

Currently, I check the sump pump periodically to make sure that it is still operational. I’d prefer to know more proactively how often it runs.

My attempt to monitor the sump pump

Since I have been playing with Arduinos (mini-computer devices) I thought I would try using an ultra-sonic distance sensor to measure the depth of the water in the pit.

Ultrasonic distance sensor

The way the distance sensor works is that it sends an ultrasonic sound wave and listens for the return sound waves to calculate the distance between the sensor and the object you are trying to measure.

In order to place it a reasonable position on top of the sump pit I cut out two eye holes in a piece of cardboard and placed this over top of the pit connected to an Arduino.

I then connected this to my computer so I could monitor the distance. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a good position for the sensor, and wasn’t able to detect any fluctuation on the distance the sensor was reporting. I decided to abandon the idea for now.

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