The New Young Portuguese Generation

Those who know me, know how passionate I am to see people 200% dedicated to the creation of their own projects and to truly understand the challenges of what it is to be an entrepreneur. Also the benefits that we can take from such an experience. My goal with this post is to thank to such associations and their programs like IDEA from YA Generation, Upframe’s Startup Playground, BET24 from BET and CEOsClub’s EY entrepreneurship challenge.

To build and grow these programs with the motivation of only wanting to help young students to develop their ideas and to give them access to workshops, tools, mentors and, above all, colleagues who are passing through the same situation for 0€ is something that has the power to influence generations, and I believe that is what is happening right now!

Yes, let’s give credit to the startups who have succeeded and even the ones who are still trying to achieve success. They are the role models for any young aspirant like Uniplaces for example, one of the most awesome startups, currently in Portugal.

Uniplaces office

However, we also have to give credit to these associations who build bridges between faculties and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portugal. They are connecting young entrepreneurs to those successful startups and experts who act as mentors and help the next generation to succeed in their projects as well.

In my opinion, these associations complement the formal education given by faculties with a more informal and hands-on education on how to undertake and bring your business ideas forward. Basically, they prepare you for the challenges you will have to face, some harder than others.

IDEA workshop w/ Stewart Noakes

I’m not saying that with 20 years old we are the most experienced people and that we already know how to build a successful business.

However, how can you gain experience in something that you have never done without experiencing it first, in some way? What if it goes wrong? Learn & jump to the next one! Whether it is a project of another person or your own project. What really matters is to love what you do!

And please, don’t do something because that’s what society expects of you, or what your parents expect of you, or what your teachers and faculty expect of you, or even what your best friends expect of you. Do you want to be the best at what you do? You will only be it if you really love what you do.

Don’t you know what you like to do the most? Search, experiment, ask questions, do not stop searching! Above all, enjoy the journey and be patient! If you are working towards a goal, things come naturally.

Don’t think that you will only be happy when things go 100% as you want. It’s the fact that they don’t, that makes you keep fighting and trying to be better. You just have to embrace it and fight for more! Guys like YA Gen, Upframe, BET, and CEOs Club are here to help you.

P.S. Please, don’t think that now we are all entrepreneurs just because we have ideas … Being an entrepreneur is not a goal, it’s just a “label” that someone puts on you. What really matters is the value you create and deliver!

Thank you guys! Keep rocking!

David Carril