When Student Loans Knock Me Out
Melissa Byrne

Thank you for writing this and for keeping up the fight. Student loan debt has been a source of struggle for my partner and I for so long now. We are still trying to play catch-up, and it’s taking all we have. Once we get current, we’ll still be facing a collective debt of about $90k. It’s hard for both of us to imagine a world where we might be able to get all we want out of life with debt this high hanging over us. Both of us did what we thought we were supposed to do. When I look at some of my friends from high school who opted for a different path that didn’t include college (which was often due to cost), I sometimes can’t help but feel like they were the smart ones. I might have had the “college experience,” and received some fancy degrees, but what if the salary I’m able to draw isn’t enough to support me because of my student debt? Who really made the wisest investment in themselves? I’m still hoping it was me, but I’m not entirely sure anymore.

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