How to Juggle

When I was very young my sister wanted to know how to juggle. She had three balls and no clue where to start. She tried and tried but couldn’t figure out how to keep all of them in rotation without dropping one of them. She finally asked my dad for help. He took two of the balls and set them on the floor. He then asked her to hand him the last ball. After she did that, he started juggling the one ball. Quickly, she started laughing and said, “No no no, I need to do all three!”

What both of us didn’t understand at the time was that she needed to figure out how to do one thing at a time before she could do three. As anyone knows, you have to know how to stand up before you can walk, and you have to know how to walk before you can run.

After tossing the one ball into the air, catching it and throwing it back into the air again; she came back to my father and asked, “What now?” As you may be able to guess, he told her to add one ball. I, being a grand 17 months older than her, wanted to figure it out before she could. Naturally, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed three oranges. I knew I was better than she, so I tried to juggle all three and failed numerous times. Finally, I gave up and set one orange down and practiced with the two. After a while both my sister and I were juggling three items. We felt like we were pro’s.

My dad has always been one to challenge us, so he handed us both another item and said to juggle all four. We figured it would be a piece of cake, but quickly found out that four is far more difficult than three.

In life we are always trying to juggle a couple items at once. Most people think of the three main items work, family and friends. It isn’t that difficult to juggle all three. Just be careful when you throw in a fourth that you don’t drop one of the other three.

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