30 Day Chan-lenge — Day 3

Wait whaa?

Alright, guys! I’m finally in, all the housekeeping is finished, I can finally get to the actual diet! Hypeeee! Let’s give this… a… read th…rough?

135g carbs??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I was so prepped for this. I dusted off all my notes and tips, tricks and cheats. All the keto and low carb recipes. I dragged out my extra small belt I used as the most poverty corset you’d ever see. I even got 3 whole chickens, my go to snack when carbs are off the menu. The last challenge I was limited to 20g carbs for 6 weeks. Thiiiiis is not what I was expecting. But now a whole new level of anxiety sets in. What do I even eat? I’m not used to moderating my intake in this kind of way (I’m a more of an all or nothing type). What kinds of foods do I cook? I can’t just find low carb things to binge on. This is a whole new world.

I’ve chosen about 1800 cals, given the amount of physical activity I do, I think this is an aggressive goal that will be challenging but not over the top. So, don’t worry guys, I’ll still be feeling the hunger pangs, still the temptation for sweets. It may be even harder getting just a taste of them.

But, don’t get me wrong. I like this. And not just because ice cream. It reinforces the idea of not just trying to slam in the quickest solution to weight loss to try and instantly fix your problems. Healthy living is not just a fad, it’s a lifestyle. Could I go for 20g of carbs a day as a lifestyle? Hells no. I very barely made it to those 6 weeks and was so close to giving up on a few occasions. This plan promotes just making this your life and living a life with your diet in check. Nothing crazy, because we’re not crazy people. I’m more excited now than I was starting this! There’s so many possibilities and flexibility in here. A life you don’t enjoy living isn’t much of a life, right? Get your (occasional) pizza out!

TL; DR: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??

See you all Thursday!


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