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This Week: Dunking, Being Weird, Being DJ Khaled, Smashing Things,Chilling in an Elevator

Welcome to Contentinental Breakfast, a weekly rundown of what I’ve been consuming this past week.

📇 ARTICLE 📇 “Be A Fucking Weirdo” by Jon Westenberg

Let’s start with an article that landed on my Medium homepage. Now, it’s not me being lazy and just picking the first piece of text I stumbled across, I really like this article. Not because it is particularly deep or well-written or insightful (however it is all of those things in parts), but simply because I 100% agree with the sentiments. There’s nothing I hate more than people who are critical of things, or dismissive of things just because they perceive them as “weird”. Weird means different. To me, different > the same. Being weird is always the way forward. Trying new things is the only way for advancement; repetition leads to stagnation. I believe this to be true in personal development, business, art, music — everything to a degree.

🏀 SPORT 🏀 The NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest

Ok, you don’t like basketball, you don’t even like sports. Move along please, nothing to see here.

Still here? Awesome, now just take a minute to study the picture above. That’s Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic, casually sitting 8 feet in the air. The men’s high jump world record is 8 feet and a quarter of an inch. Not only did Gordon jump 8 feet in the air in a seated position, he grabbed the basketball from off his mascot’s head and whipped it under both his legs before dunking it. You think that’s easy? Go try it, I dare ya. I just did — I couldn’t even do that dunk with a tennis ball into a 1 foot trash can.

And that didn’t even win the dunk contest…

The winner was Zach LaVine, who prevailed in an all-time showdown with Gordon that went to triple OT after the judges continually refused to offer either dunker anything less than full marks. Admittedly LaVine’s consistent execution and stamina probably won him the contest over Gordon who clearly had the best dunk of the night.

Watching this supercut of all the perfect 50 dunks in dunk contest history really puts it into perspective how skilled and athletic the modern basketball player has become.

🎬 CELEBRITY 🎬 Shia LaBeouf, “#ELEVATE”

Visitors are invited to address the artists and the Internet, so that their collective voices may form an extended, expansive and egalitarian Oxford Union address.

Shia LaBeouf, the actor-cum-performance artist, spent 24 hours chilling in a lift in Oxford this week. Members of the public were encouraged to come along and join Shia in the lift for a bit of light chit chat, whilst the whole thing was livestreamed across the internet. This was not the most interesting viewing, as a good majority of the feed was just of closed elevator doors… Perhaps the purpose of the stream was documentation, to prevent any incidents of the type that occurred during LaBeouf’s 2014 project #IAMSORRY, when he was allegedly raped.

The most interesting incidents this time around were a student asking Shia to punch him in the face (see video below), and Shia losing a game of “cock or ball”. Even these occurrences have been somewhat sensationalised in the media coverage — the aforementioned “punch” is a rather tame slap.

📱 SNAPCHAT 📱 DJ Khaled

I just started following DJ Khaled on snapchat, and boy oh boy, is he something. Khaled’s snapchat occupies that peculiar mystery zone between self-parody and delusion. Is what he says serious? Is it ironic? Is it post-ironic? Is he putting on a character? All I know is it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. You can see some of his highlights here.

🎶 MUSIC 🎶 Tidal

I imagine I’m probably not the only person who signed up for a free trial of Tidal this week just to hear Kanye West’s latest, “The Life of Pablo”. Earlier in the week the top 18 most popular tracks on Tidal were the 18 tracks from TLOP, so I think it’s safe to say this has been a major coup for Jay-Z and co. I could say plenty about the album, but I think enough has already been said elsewhere, so instead I wish to comment, and criticize, my Tidal experience.

Personally, the timing could not be more opportune, as I unwittingly suspended my Spotify subscription due to a credit card mishap just a few weeks ago. But after a week on Tidal I’m already pretty confident I’ll be crawling back to Spotify once this free month is up.

The main problems for me are all UX issues. It just doesn’t feel functionally intuitive. For one, playlists I’ve created on my PC for some reason don’t appear on my mobile, meaning I have to create every playlist twice, or on every device I’m using. Secondly, I’ve found I have to close down and then open Tidal to get it to work at all after a period of inactivity. There are a few more little nagging issues that just make the whole service feel unrefined. I find this to be inexcusable, considering how simply many of this problems could be addressed, and considering the amount of time and money that must’ve been spent on promoting and developing the ‘lossless’ technology (which seems like BS to me).

It’s kinda like building a state of the art supercar, with seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, 78-mpg fuel-consumption, anti-lock brakes, GPS and bluetooth, but making the seats out of concrete.

💣 ACTIVITY 💣 “Rage Room

The premise behind Toronto’s “Rage Room” is pretty simple: pay $20 and you get to smash up a load of stuff in a room. Your twenty bucks buys you 45 minutes in the room, although you only get 5 small items to smash, so I doubt those 45 minutes ever get used up. You can buy more items, or bring your own junk to smash too. I’m slightly sceptical that this could be a profitable business long term though, I mean how much junk can they really buy with your $20.

🎶 MUSIC 🎶 “luvuso” by Future James

This track is so sweeeet. A neat little Janet Jackson sample loops throughout the track, it’s 3 and a half minutes of hook. BUT DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT:

📽 SHORT FILM 📽 The Last Job on Earth

The Last Job on Earth is a short film made/commissioned by The Guardian about a science fiction future in which all jobs are automated. It’s a stylish inspection of a reality that may not be too far away, and there are plenty of questions that spawn from it. Would a world without jobs be a utopia or a dystopia? Can we be content without employment? I personally think a jobless society would be a breeding ground for culture: everybody would have more time to devote to their art.

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