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This Week: Apples, Sausages, Cutlery

Welcome to Contentinental Breakfast, a weekly rundown of what I’ve been consuming this past week.

🎥 FILM 🎥 Sausage Party

Let’s begin this week with a trailer for Seth Rogen’s first foray into animation, Sausage Party. It’s become increasingly en vogue to dabble in the veiled art of animation, as evidenced recently by Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa,The Lego Movie, and erm… the Angry Birds Movie.

Ok, so perhaps Anomalisa is the anomaly, rather than the start of a wave of high-brow animated films, but look — watch that trailer again — 140 seconds and not a single (explicit) sausage-penis joke! That’s restraint and maturity right there.

Honestly though, my excitement is somewhat muted at this point for Sausage Party. I mean it’s clearly supposed to be Toy Story, but with food. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff. I can imagine Seth Rogen and co deciding they wanted to make a film called “Sausage Party” thinking the phrase could be a gold mine for frat boy humour, and then crafting the actual film around it. I hope to be proved wrong.

🎼 MUSIC 🎼 Kastle, “4 Real

​When it comes to new music informed by garage we hold our hands up, we’re the first to admit that we can be pretty sceptical. Its a genre and time we hold so dear yet many are often quick to shoot down any new song or style that uses the UK garage through some form of misplaced sense of nostalgia. LA based producer Kastle proves us and everybody else wrong with his latest offering that brings the 90s UK garage flavour with a new school twist. Did we forget to mention its an absolute banger?

That’s the description from i-D who premiered the track this week on their Soundcloud. It’s pretty much spot on. My two cents aren’t really necessary, just give it a listen.

🙌🙌🙌 MEDIUM ARTICLE OF THE WEEK 🙌🙌🙌 “The REAL reason Slack became a billion dollar company” by Satya van Heummen

Slack has become the communication tool of choice in start-ups (and bigger companies) far and wide. Why though? Isn’t it just a multi-coloured hybrid of emails and WhatsApps?

Well, no. In this article (from June last year), Satya van Heummen expertly dissects why the company has been so successful — reasons that seem entirely self-evident as Satya explains them, but apparently had not even occurred to Slack founder Stewart Butterfield.

Check it out below to find out why Slack’s “brilliantly evil” formula works:

🎵MUSIC🎵Fork and Knife, “Club Hit

Fork and Knife is this guy. His track Club Hit is an infectious family-friendly beat stomper. I really hope it does proceed to fulfil its prophecy and become a club hit, though I fear that may only be achieved in some of the quirkier sub-mainstream haunts of London (or elsewhere).

📇 LIST 📇 Services Marketplaces

In case you hadn’t realised it, whenever you have a problem in life, no matter how big or small, there’s an app for that.

This handy list outlines a few of the many tools that now exist to allow you to tap into the sharing economy. Tools to help you start maximising your time and money efficiency. I particularly like the idea of Mowz — lawn mowing on demand, and Contently, because obviously Contentinental Breakfast 💘 content.

🍏🎵MUSIC 🍏🎵 Apple Music & Dubset

Apple Music has struck a partnership with Dubset, a digital content distributor, that has the potential to revolutionize the streaming platform.

Woah, well that’s big news. The slow demise of Soundcloud has been a tiresome inevitability for some years now. as big labels have clamped down on copyright laws, forcing the music hosting/streaming service to tighten its policing, much to the ire of its users (yours truly included). Thus the suggestion of alternatives is always welcomed, particularly with the backing of a huge company like Apple.

The details of the new service are vague, but the early indications are that the product Apple & Dubset are looking to create could well fill a huge gap in the market — a legal platform for hosting unlicensed music.

⛵ BOATS ⛵ RRS Boaty McBoatface

The boat you see pictured above is an as-yet-unnamed Royal Research Ship. The clever folks over at the National Research Council decided that in true democratic spirit the public would be allowed to name the boat, via an open ballot poll.

Well, presented with a blank canvas like this the general public have decided to get behind one suggestion in particular — Boaty McBoatface. A most glorious name! Sure it would’ve been nice to honour David Attenborough or Henry Worsley, but neither of those quite roll off the tongue like Boaty McBoatface.

To cast your vote, click here.

🎶 MUSIC (but mainly the VIDEO) 📼 Cassius ft. Cat Power, Mike D, “Action

This video is just wonderful. The song is catchy, with some funky jungle vibes, but to be honest there’s no way it would’ve made the Contentinental Breakfast cut without this accompanying video. It’s a beautiful surrealist montage, reminding me of my all-time favourite music video, El Guincho’s Bombay:

Man, some people are cooooool.

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