As COVID-19 impacts the nation, the USPS is in desperate need of aid

USPS headquarters in Washington, DC (Coolcaesar, Wikimedia Commons, changes not made)

As COVID-19 stretches the limits of the American healthcare system, another key American institution is in critical condition: the United States Postal Service.

As Democrats increasingly advocate Medicare-for-all, expanding the ACA remains the best way to reform healthcare

Obama signing the Affordable Care Act into law in 2010 (Pete Souza, public domain image)

In the 2020 Democratic primary, healthcare is perhaps the biggest dividing line between the candidates. Some candidates, most notably former Vice President Joe Biden, advocate expanding on the Affordable Care Act, particularly by introducing a public option that would allow anyone to buy into Medicare. However, a position that is increasingly popular among progressive activists is Medicare-for-all, advocated by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, which would place the federal government in charge of providing insurance for all Americans.

This divide was emphasized at the first Democratic debate when moderators asked candidates to raise their hands if they would abolish private…

Reforming democracy is key to addressing America’s issues

Pete Buttigieg at his campaign announcement event (Gary Riggs, Wikimedia Commons, changes not made)

At Thursday night’s Democratic debate, Chuck Todd desperately tried to go down the line of candidates and ask a question meant to be answered in one or two words. Now in such a large and energetic primary field, Todd’s efforts were admittedly an abject failure; every candidate went well over their assigned word count. And in the case of Todd’s question about one issue candidates would spend their political campaign in the first year of their administration, candidates like Bernie Sanders went beyond simply giving long-winded answers and rejected the very premise of the question.

However, one candidate who did…

In the 2018 midterms, Florida is having a closely-contested election for governor that could be a crucial win for Democrats

Pool photo by Chris O’Meara

By David Chmielewski

The Progressive Teen Staff Writer

I N THE WORDS OF AN MSNBC ANCHOR RESPONDING TO A CLIP OF A FLORIDA GUBERNATORIAL DEBATE, “If you’re not following the Florida governor’s race, you should be.” In line with Florida’s traditional swing state status, the race to replace incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott is an incredibly tight and incredibly important one. With its 21 million population and role in pressing issues like gun control and climate change, Florida’s governor race is a crucial target for both parties, making the question of who will win it highly interesting. …

Trump’s presidency has led to a lessening of confidence in U.S. leadership abroad that undermines U.S. foreign policy

Credit: Jesco Denzel/AFP/Getty Images

By David Chmielewski

The Progressive Teen Staff Writer

IT HAS OFTEN BEEN OBSERVED that the Trump presidency has been a boon for American comedians and that observation holds true around the world. An Ethiopian comedian wears a blonde wig and delivers as speech as Donald Trump saying Trump would donate his hair to Africa. A Dutch show features a bit with a Trump impersonation explaining that Trump should place the Netherlands second. These examples are not just amusing anecdotes that show how comedians aboard have reacted to Trump. …

A weakened role for the U.S. as a peacemaker may lead to heightened tensions and further instability in the region

Credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

By David Chmielewski

The Progressive Teen Staff Writer

On MONDAY, MAY 14TH, MASSIVE BLOODSHED OCCURRED along the Gaza border fence between Palestine and Israel as Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinian protesters attempting to cross the fence. Using tear gas and live gunfire, Israeli forces were able to keep Palestinian protesters out of their territory, but in the process the Palestinian Health Ministry estimates that more than 2,700 protestors were injured and at least 58 were killed.

David Chmielewski

Politics enthusiast who wants to share his thoughts

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