Meet Scarlett.

This is the first time we have seen this posting. We have tired of the continual recriminations against the responsible firearms-owners who are lumped-in with the nutcases and the evil people who use a piece of steel with explosive systems that project death and injury, without justification.

Actually, it is true. Almost all firearms owners are very “Safety Sally” and almost ceremonially compliant with safety procedures, especially when we have children, grandchildren, friends and children, anywhere near the home.

This organisation “GoFundMe” is one of the very few that declares that “the Angels” or “Karma” or some other guiding and invisible force was released by this woman’s son, who now presides above us as one of the Holy Innocents. She and her family, at least for what I can see, did not go out on a witch hunt against people who are innocent of any of this absurd tragedy, but rather sought to establish a force for good.

We have traditionally only given to the Salvation Army, according to an agreement my wife and I made upon our marriage. But a very close friend advised us recently of the opportunity to help a family who had lost all, including their young child to a cancer, and needed help with basic things such as burial and document charges, etc. for their terminal expenses.

My boss (the wife) and I decided finally to give a small amount to that effort, and the family wound up with enough to cover the expenses and to do other things that needed to be done….such as a couple of home fix-ups and to liquidate a two or three outstanding but current accounts, leaving them free and clear.

Therefore, we urge that all of us rough-cut, Texian types such as I, consider carefully this alternative for whenever you might run into a couple of dollars, or a couple of hundred dollars or whatever, and remember this service. It works. There is no huge administrative fee. It is fomented by a good woman and her family without political recrimination or social judgementalism. As a classical conservative, gun-0wner, honourably discharged United States Army person, and life-long Republican conservative, we endorse this programme. We have seen its good works.

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