A keyboard with a giant accessibility button
A keyboard with a giant accessibility button
Image shamelessly stolen from https://www.umaryland.edu/web-accessibility/

Who is Accessibility for?

Accessibility can mean many different things. In general, when we talk about web accessibility, we are referring to users with a physical, visual, or auditory disability, but accessibility can span many more things. Each type of disability has a huge spectrum on how it impacts users, for example, a person with significant vision impairment might expect to be able to easily scale up a font size, and so would a person who misplaced their glasses that morning.

Why Does Accessibility Matter?

Web accessibility is important because all users expect great experiences on the web. It is important to create inclusive experiences so that our websites are usable by everyone. Following accessibility best practices also can have a significant impact on the user experience for all users. …


David Christopher Sally

Software engineer with significant experience in e-commerce, biotechnology, javascript, and node. See how I code @github.com/davidcsally & www.davidcsally.com

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