Co-Op Capitalism & Obama

I’ve been wondering if (and how) one could grow an “LP — VC — entrepreneur” like ecosystem that would be able to nurture future Googles or Facebooks to be setup more like a co-op similar to REI (see article below about REI).

(Note: the backlash to their AMA which points to a different story about their community.

There’s some interesting work beginning, see BrewDog’s equity for Punks

The counterfactual that I keep running through is, when Page and Brin or Zuckerberg were raising funds for Google or Facebook, and if a vibrant ecosystem that I mentioned above existed, could Google or Facebook have been setup as co-op? The broader question this touches on is a more efficient (perhaps more equitable) distribution of capital, i.e. pre-distribute and not redistribute capital? (Here’s some background on co-op’s —'_co-operative)

BTW, here’s that idea for the former President Obama. Just as Buffett-Gates are getting the wealthiest to give a majority of their wealth when they pass away, I would like someone, ie Obama, to initiate a similar pledge for sports owners to donate their ownership back to the community when they pass away (see article about the packers below)?

And we already have a model that works via the PGA and the East Lake Foundation —